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Face Fit Testing

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Train The Tester

We come to your workplace and train you and your staff how to perform the qualitative face fit test. Great for both small and large companies. This package includes a face fit test kit for your use and a certificate of competence in qualitative face fit testing for each member of staff taking the training.

Quantitative Testing

We come to your workplace and test up to 20 members of staff. This package is perfect for companies of all sizes.

If the use of full face respiratory protection is required in your workplace quantitative is the only form of test which can be used. This testing is performed by our Fit2Fit qualified respiratory specialist

Qualitative Testing

Only have two members of staff that need testing? working for yourself?

we've got you covered. Come to one of our designated face fit testing sites and we will test up to three people using qualitative testing. you will then be provided with physical certification that your chosen respiratory protection is suitable


What is Face Fit Testing?

Face fit testing is used to ensure your respiratory protection fits your face 

and provides the maximum level of protection at all times.

Who needs testing?

It is a legal requirement that workers using tight fitting respiratory protection as a control measure under Health and Safety Legislation must be fit tested. An example of a mask that does not require Fit Testing would be a loose fitting hood. If a mask is being used for comfort purposes and not as a control measure then a Fit Test is not required but this should be clearly demonstrated in the employers risk assessment.

The two types of face fit testing

There are two different types of face fit tests.

Qualitative - Using the workers sense of taste as a measure of a correctly fitted mask the test subject has a high concentration of a bitter and sweet taste sprayed as a mist into a protective hood while wearing their respiratory protection. The test subject is then required to perform tasks such as counting out loud and bending at the waist. If after the test is complete the subject cannot taste either solution the respiratory protection tested is deemed suitable to be used in the workplace.

Quantitative - The worker is required to perform a selection of tasks while a specialist machine counts air particles both inside and outside of the mask, the ratio of these results is then used to determine the suitability of the respiratory protection in the workplace.

Which type do I need?

- A qualitative face fit test can be used to test disposable respirators and half masks.

- A quantitative test can be used to test disposable respirators, half masks and is the only method of testing full face respiratory equipment.

Can I do it myself?

It is possible and advised for yourself and a small group of your staff to be trained in the qualitative test method. 

Quantitative testing can only be performed by a Fit2Fit qualified tester.

What does a test certificate cover?

A face fit test certificate is certification that a particular piece of respiratory equipment is suitable for an individual worker to wear. If the worker at any point changes the make, model or type of respiratory protection they are wearing they must be face fit tested again using the new product. Equipment does not need to be retested when it is replaced providing the make and model of the protection has not been changed. A face fit test must be performed for each member of staff requiring protection even if the same mask is being used by everyone. Face fit testing is confirmation that the selected equipment is suitable for the wearer, not its overall effectiveness.

How long does a certificate last?

A face fit test certificate lasts 2 years from the date of testing.

How long does the test take?

An individual qualitative face fit test takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Our quantitative service takes around 4 hours for up to 8 fit tests and around 8 hours for up to 20 fit tests. 

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