Specific advantages

  • Dexterity and comfort, due to the anatomical shape and the quality of the flock-lining
  • Longer service life: excellent mechanical resistance (abrasion, perforation)
  • Silicone free to prevent traces, defects on metal sheet and glass prior to painting
  • Available in vending machine packaging



Automotive/mechanical industry

  • Machining parts using cutting oil
  • Treating/degreasing metals with solvents

Construction Industry (Carpenters/Joiners)

  • Handling PVC-based glues
  • Preparing coatings, varnishes

Construction Industry (Masons / Plasterers)

  • Handling oils, solvents, detergents

Local Authorities (Cleaning)

  • Handling aggressive chemical products

Local Authorities (Parks and Public Spaces)

  • Plant Treatment Products

Agriculture sector

  • Application & spreading of pesticides
  • Pesticides handling
  • Pesticides waste management
  • Spray mixtures preparation
  • Tank filling
  • Treatment equipment cleaning


  • CAT. 30334
  • 3101X
  • Type AAJKOPT

Nitrile Chemical Gauntlet

SKU: 05/107